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Demerol Addiction

I have a Demerol addiction and I can't live with out it. If I don't have it I can't stand the pain. Can you help me find a way out of this hell?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

12 Steps Pf Alcoholics Anonymous

Does the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous help with addictions other than alcoholics? I need help with a cocaine addiction and I would like to go to an anonymous type of place for help.

Effects Of Prescription Drug Abuse

I suffer from the effects of prescription drug abuse, how can I get some real help? I've been abusing pills since I was a teenager. Please help me get clean

Heroin Physical Addiction

How different is a heroin physical addiction from the mental part of the addiction? Can they both be solved with the right help?

Methamphetamine Addicts

There are two methamphetamine addicts in my apartment complex and I am afraid they are going to break into my apartment. What can I do to ensure I am safe from them? How can I get them some help?

Twelve Steps For Christians

Are twelve steps for Christians different than regular twelve steps or is it all the same?

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