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Effects Of Alcohol

What are the effects of alcohol on a fetus if the fetus is only in the first trimester? I just found out I'm pregnant and I have been drinking about a week ago. Will my baby be OK?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

Alcohol Rehab

My sister went through an alcohol rehab about 4 months ago and she has started drinking again already. How can I help her stay sober?

Alcohol Treatment Center

Can you put someone into an alcohol treatment center against there will? My father refuses to get help.

Meth Amphetamine Addiction

What is the difference between meth amphetamine addiction and an addiction the amphetamine? Is it the same thing or is it different?

Overcoming Cocaine Addiction

Overcoming cocaine addiction isn't an easy thing to do. I've been trying to stop for 6 months and every time I fail. How can I get past this and stay clean?

Prescription Drug Abuse In America

Is it true that prescription drug abuse in America is higher than any other nation?

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